Savings (Share) Accounts (S1)

Your key to TruMark Financial membership

A savings (share) account with a minimum balance of $5 is required for TruMark Financial membership. This $5 represents your share in the ownership of the credit union. In addition to membership, a savings account offers:

  • A safe and efficient way to accumulate funds
  • Overdraft protection for your TruMark Financial checking account
  • No fee if the savings account falls below the minimum balance, but $5 is required to enjoy the benefits of credit union membership
  • Interest paid on your account is computed daily and compounded and posted monthly
  • Free direct deposit of payroll, pension, or government checks into your savings or checking account
  • Access to your funds through the Call Center, Account Management by Phone, Online Banking, the mail, ATM, or any branch location
  • A great way to make saving automatic when combined with direct deposit

Account activity, per federal regulations, is limited to six automatic or pre-authorized transfers or withdrawals per month. In-person withdrawals or transfers are not limited.