bill payer
Bill Payer                 

Pay your bills without postage stamps

TruMark Financial's online Bill Payer service is the safe, secure, and reliable way to receive and pay your bills online. Unlimited use of the Bill Payer service is free. Save time and money by paying bills automatically with funds deducted from your TruMark Financial checking account.

Registering is easy. Simply log into online banking and click on the "Pay Bills" tab located on the side menu bar and follow the instructions to get started. Then read and accept the Terms and Agreement. It's that simple.

Look at all the benefits Bill Payer offers:

  • Securely pay anyone, anywhere, anytime
  • 24/7 accessibility through your computer or mobile device
  • Save time and simplify your life. No checks, no stamps. Ability for you to be in complete control of your payments
  • Eliminate paper statements by receiving merchants' bills electronically
  • Free, unlimited use
  • Paying online keeps all of your billing information in one place, organized, accessible, and safe 

If you have questions about TruMark Financial's Bill Payer service, call 1-877-TRUMARK.